We fight for Beauty, to make the world a better place.

We are an independent creative firm. We work daily to build meaningful and memorable projects, able to shape and enrich new and existing brands, in the search for their unique place in the world.

Our beliefs

The Fighters

  • Giacomo Frigerio - Blossom
    Giacomo Frigerio
    Admiral - Ministry of Beauty
  • Valentina Frigerio - Blossom
    Valentina Frigerio
    General - Ministry of Beauty
  • Edoardo Moltrasio - Blossom
    Edoardo Moltrasio
    Special Ops
  • Giacomo Cesana
    Creative Captain
  • Alberto Zanardo - Blossom
    Alberto Zanardo
    Web Special Forces
  • Filippo Zanardo - Blossom
    Filippo Zanardo
    Web Special Forces - Coding
  • Daniela Vaccaro - Blossom
    Daniela Vaccaro
    Creative Colonel
  • Simone Pessina - Blossom
    Simone Pessina
    Creative Colonel
  • Elena Pedretti - Blossom
    Elena Pedretti
    Creative Colonel
  • Mauro Arena - Blossom
    Mauro Arena
    Digital Creative Colonel
  • Alessandro Larini - Blossom
    Alessandro Larini
    Digital Design Officer
  • Arianna Losi - Blossom
    Arianna Losi
    Word Sniper
  • Federica Mosca
    Word Sniper
  • Daria Barlassina - Blossom
    Daria Barlassina
    Senior Design Officer
  • Lorenzo Fusi - Blossom
    Lorenzo Fusi
    Design Officer
  • Francesca Luccisano - Blossom
    Francesca Luccisano
    Design Officer
  • Marta Zocche
    Design Officer
  • Maddalena Beretta - Blossom
    Maddalena Beretta
    Platoon Architect
  • Matteo Mari
    Motion Officer
  • Giacomo Ciurlo
    Motion Officer
  • Francesco Cisco Segagni - Blossom
    Francesco Segagni
    Artillery Specialist
  • Francesco Puglioli - Blossom
    Francesco Puglioli
    Project Marine
  • Lalla - Blossom
    Laura Scaglione
    Project Marine
  • Francesco Pasquini - Blossom
    Francesco Pasquini
    Project Marine - Quality
  • Francesca Davoli - Blossom
    Francesca Davoli
    Counter Intelligence
  • Annalisa Gatti
    Project Marine
  • Matteo Rovelli
    Production Marine
Get curious

Use Your Heart

You have felt it beat, more than once. During a film which spoke to you, upon the return of someone from far away, before a painting with colors you couldn’t imagine existed, at the thrill of an incredible goal, in the face of a cold, violent and unexpected wave, before a plate of spaghetti which tasted so much of home.
You have felt it beat, your heart. And it was beautiful. And it wants to beat again. So now put it out there. Everyday. To feel it, once again, vibrating, in everything you do.

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Be Fearless

If he had imagined all that could have happened, the captain would never have set sail from the safety of his port; the racing pilot would never have driven the Formula One; the twenty-four year old would never have written that song; the small agency would never have accepted that job that was bigger than them.
But had they all stopped to think about it, the world would never have known about the other, amazing world across the ocean; the racer would never have known the joy of speed and victory; thousands of young people would never have felt so free singing Lithium at the top of their lungs. And the small agency would never have grown up into something bigger.

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Help Others Grow

There was a day when you felt lost, ill-suited, incapable, hopelessly misunderstood. When, despite all your efforts, you continued to fall into a deeper abyss. And you couldn’t find a way out. There was also a day when someone found you and helped you up. He helped you see the right path. He helped you understand that, with all of your limits, you could still get up and go forward. And do great things.
Today is the day when another lost soul is looking to yours for help, to grow together.

Get curious

Get Curious

Unexpected tastes, unimaginable beauty, strong odors penetrating your head forever. Books that transport you to extraordinary worlds, both far and near at the same time, stories of courage and passion, ideas, discoveries, useful inventions but also simple things, which make the everyday world richer and more beautiful, or sometimes just more functional.

It’s up to you to open that damn window, get on that airplane, open that book with pages that smell of paper, have the courage to turn off Whatsapp, try a different plate of food, search until you’re exhausted, raise your hand and ask. Relentlessly. Because “there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”, said a wise man five hundred years ago.

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Own it

It’s up to you: you can remain behind the scenes, opening the curtain only when you are told, to let other perform on the creaky stage. Or you can prepare and train, fall down and maybe hurt yourself, figure out the tricks of the trade from more experienced than you, throw yourself into acrobatic feats which seem reasonable but perhaps aren’t so much, propose alternative choreography, watch the public’s reaction, stand tall in the face of heckling and boos, take responsibility for failure, adjust the stage boards.
Only then will the applause, warm and toiled, also belong to you. And you will be stronger, better and prouder.

Get curious

Don't be an asshole

Whether you like almond chicken or are a committed vegan. Whether you dress like a rockabilly or in monochrome. Whether you listen to heavy metal or classical music. Whether you’re a mathematical mind or an experimental barista. Whether you write projects that save the world or find solutions to go faster.
If we have met up it’s because we have something in common: a project, a friend, a dream, a vision or, perhaps, simply a need. “Nothing of what is human is alien to me”, Terence once said. “And it deserves all of our respect”, we would add.