International Labour Organization
Youth at work, youth at risk?


The ILO launched the InfoStories platform to offer interactive narratives built around its research findings. Each story is enriched with infographics, videos, maps and case studies.

Blossom was asked to oversee the digital storytelling of a narrative on safety and health at work: the challenge was to find a new, clear, engaging and universal way to present this issue.



Modern labour markets are a tough place for young jobseekers. Many feel pressured to accept the first job offer they get, often without considering if the working conditions put their health and safety at risk.

Starting from ILO’s brief and materials, we have developed a creative concept based on editorial illustrations, generally used on magazines to bring stories to life and entice readers to engage with content. The idea underlying our creative design proposal was to develop illustrations depicting the challenges faced by young workers in a figurative way (i.e. representing a young worker as a tightrope walker, carrying a huge wrench, to represent the risks he faces every day; or again farmers struggling with big agricultural machinery etc.).

We chose to use abstract colours, coherent with ILO’s brand identity, in order not to identify the subjects with a specific race and/or country, and we designed an abstract world, drawn with an isometric approach in which these illustrations could live to give depth to the picture. These illustrations were then animated, to make the story more vibrant.



After having developed the project’s overall concept and visual identity we have worked on the UX/UI of the infostory, developed the wireframes to illustrate how the concept would come to life, designed and animated the illustrations to make the digital content interactive and captivating. We then uploaded the entire project on the Infostories’ platform using the pre-existing CMS.

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