Wild Urban Vibes


A new restaurant opens in Monza, northern area of Milan. The vision of the young entrepreneurs behind this restaurant is to offer something more than a traditional restaurant: they have something very contemporary in mind, not only in terms of food, but also in terms of the environment and mood they dream of giving to the place. They imagine a place opened almost round the clock in which people – in particular young adults – find a second home, in which they don’t only go to eat and drink but also to gather, to work, to meet peers. And also, the furniture of the restaurant has to foresee the presence of lots of plants.

Blossom was asked to translate this vision into a specific brand identity, to be applied throughout the various communication materials.



This restaurant needed a brand identity able to communicate the original positioning it wanted to achieve. It needed to convey the idea that it would have not been another whatever restaurant, but a place to be: to be free, relaxed, comfortable, without rules. A place where a community can gather; a place like nature – wild and raw, with no artifices; a place full of vibes, of positive vibes; a place where one can chill out; an open place, for people with an open mind.

Starting from these assumptions, we came up with the restaurant’s name: WIBE. A union between the words “Wild” and “Vibe”, it is the right new hangout for a urban tribe.

The atmosphere is fresh and cool, it recalls a contemporary jungle: full of colours, with lettering and visuals recalling tribal symbols but with a modern look, to melt the two souls (wild and urban) of the place.

To express these urban jungle vibes, we developed a photography project, consisting in a series of portraits matching with keywords.

We indeed created a whole new language, based, just like the naming of the restaurant, on an intuitive crasis between words. In the WIBE tribe’s jargon, “Togeppines” indicates the joy of being together; “Chillity” is the ability of a community to chill; “Funtitude” is the capacity of finding the funny side of everything; “Satisfresh” is the satisfaction of the first sip of beer on a sunny day etc.



For this branding project, we developed the naming and logo of the restaurant and the overall visual identity, adapting it to business cards, placemats, menus, staff uniforms, and contributed to give indications on the style and mood of the interior design. We also developed a photographic project made of portraits of young “WIBE tribe members”, which then became posters. We also designed and developed the website, developed the social media campaign for the launch and designed the necessary digital materials.



Wild Urban Vibes – WIBE is a restaurant in the Northern Milan area.