Eight Lines Tattoo Studio
Where needles meet the sound


Giulia is a professional tattoo artist, one of the most sought after in Milan. The place in which she chose to open her tattoo studio was a statement in itself: a warehouse on two floors, where two different worlds coexist and collide. During the day, Giulia tattooes on one floor; at night, the needles meet the sound of live music coming from the club on the other floor.

Giulia wanted a visual identity for her studio that could on one hand be coherent with the style of her art, and able on the other hand to communicate the polyvalence of the place hosting it. So she called Blossom.



We started developing our creative concept based on the name of the studio: Eight Lines. Eight lines is a type of tattoo needle, one of Giulia’s preferred ones.

The place in which this studio lives has two floors that work with an opposite schedule: the studio in the upper floor is open during the day, the club in the bottom floor at night. The payoff we’ve developed underlines this duality: two floors, two worlds.

The logo we developed for the studio reinforces this concept: the 8 shape is in reality the isometric drawing of the 2 floors.

The key visual elements are black, the ink colour, and drawings, the core of the tattoo world. Giulia’s tattoos are indeed only in black and white, but another peculiarity of her art is the use of dotted lines. This style is recaptured by the logo: one part is a full thick line, the other one features the small dots that can be found in the artist’s tattoos.



Blossom developed all the brand identity of Eight Lines, from the logo, to specific communication materials such as gift cards or business cards, to the packaging of T-shirts, to consultancy on interior design aspects.



Eight Lines Tattoo is one of the most sought-after tattoo studios in Milan.