A&P Legal
When beauty meets law

Branding for A&P Legal, a Milan-based law firm. Its new and dynamic approach in the sector is reflected in an ambitious and contemporary visual identity, far away from the rigid, static and impersonal identity usually seen in Italian law firms. The logo is clear, linear, elegant and solid, as the partnership between the two lawyers. The color palette and the fonts reflect A&P Legal’s two souls: authoritative and credible on one side and, on the other, modern, flexible and attentive to the human side of the work. In order to highlight A&P Legal’s strong personality and unique approach, we have used editorial illustrations, to tell the firm’s values and beliefs. The studio, based in downtown Milan, reflects the same clean style of the brand, with a use of contemporary furnitures from the most sought-after Italian interior design brands. The ambient is warmed up by the brand illustrations, found in the studio’s rooms.