Website with a mission


The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) is the main advocate for accelerated, comprehensive and coordinated global action on the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

UNAIDS promotes and supports an incredible amount of initiatives, anchored within numerous program areas; it works in almost all the countries of the world, partnering with various organizations; the resources produced by UNAIDS are diverse, multilingual and regularly updated.

UNAIDS’ corporate website thus needs to be a virtual window in which to present all the facets of the organization’s work. Blossom was asked to re-organize the overall website structure and to re-design it to effectively guide the visitor in easily finding relevant content.



This assignment started with a sound analysis and discovery phase, aimed at assessing the challenges/gaps that needed to be overcome with the previous website’s UX as well as the best solutions in terms of overall architecture and CMS to contain the information that UNAIDS wanted to present in its corporate website.

The first decision was related to collaterally developing sub-sites to grant access to all the available information without prejudicing the navigability of the corporate website. We therefore agreed, together with the UNAIDS team, to create additional dedicated websites such as a website dedicated to data, one dedicated to transparency (to illustrate the funding received by UNAIDS and its spending) and one dedicated to publications (to host all the publications of UNAIDS’ partners). This allowed us to narrow the focus of the corporate website on the main areas that needed to be comprehensively presented in this virtual window.

We then developed the UX/UI for the website, proposing an architecture coherent with UNAIDS’s requests and needs, wireframes, page prototypes, graphic assets and all what was needed to develop the website in a constant dialogue and confrontation with UNAIDS. Our team also provided a CMS training (Drupal 7) to UNAIDS’ staff in order to allow them to easily update the page autonomously.

The result is a clean and clear website, able to maintain UNAIDS advocacy and proactive spirit whilst containing a great amount of information and materials.



Blossom re-developed the entire www.unaids.org corporate website; collaterally, we also designed and developed https://open.unaids.org/ and https://library.unaids.org/.

We are currently taking care of the API integration of the http://aidsinfo.unaids.org/ website, created and managed by the UNAIDS IT team to use information available in this website directly into the corporate website.