Uniti per gli altri


AGIRE needed to reposition itself in the panorama of Italian humanitarian assistance and to attract new donors: it needed a cutting-edge visual identity and communication tools able to support its repositioning. Blossom was asked to oversee the entire rebranding and its application to all related communication materials.



Blossom started this assignment by carrying on a brand audit, through face-to-face interviews with AGIRE network partners and through a benchmarking review with the other international networks. One of the goals of the repositioning that emerged through this audit was that AGIRE needed to find a new way of communicating that the organization no longer depended on the urgency of a one-time donation but wanted to work and have a voice even off emergency.

Our creative concept foresaw a restyling of the logo, improving and enhancing some characteristics of the previous one, such as eliminating the spelling out of the acronym and creating a new payoff instead, able to immediately clarify AGIRE’s purpose.

The new identity was built consistently with the network’s name and logo, representing the unity among AGIRE members and its ability to be a genuine and reliable network.

We introduced an important division: in case of emergency, AGIRE should talk using the red colour palette, while in case of no emergency a light blue colour palette should be preferred, to communicate the sense of long-term interventions. This allows AGIRE to have two ways to narrate its approach and intervention, talking to an additional target, sensitive to development issues.

Another important intervention was the one on the photographic treatment, with the use of professional and compelling pictures, always representing people with dignity, even in the most desperate situations, with a strong aesthetic component.

Lastly, Blossom totally revolutionized AGIRE tone of voice, moving from a corporate, urgency-oriented and stereotyped language to an emotional, personal and compelling one, with a particular attention to the terms used to describe emergency situations and people facing them. The result is a network now able to talk with the other humanitarian networks and international partners operating worldwide.



The rebranding foresaw the development of a dedicated brand book, containing all the elements of the new visual identity; colour palette, typography, an icon set created to identify the main intervention areas of AGIRE, newsletter templates, e-mail campaigns and DEM templates, indications on how to apply the identity to the corporate website, to social media packages, to video products, to publications (reports, working papers, briefs, press releases), to event materials (brochures, flyers, posters) and to stationery (business cards, letterheads, envelopes, invitations etc.). A special attention was also given to developing data visualizations able to communicate figures on activities and achievements in a clear and appealing way.

We also developed a Joint Brandbook containing guidelines for joint branding between AGIRE and its partners.

After our rebranding for AGIRE, we also developed some specific fundraising campaigns and related collateral material (social media tiles, DEM, landing pages, letters etc.), taking care of all the project aspects, from copywriting to graphic and motion design.