Turns have no season


EICMA, November 2018. Yamaha presents the new Niken GT for the first time. The bike is an evolution of the first three-wheeled model of 2017, now even more high performance in all conditions and exciting through the turns. All of this is recounted in a launch video accompanied by the headline: “Turns have no seasons.”

The goal is to show the bike to a public made up of both enthusiasts but also sceptics and two-wheel purists, without focusing on the technical aspects of the Niken GT but rather on its revolutionary spirit and unconventional attitude, positioning the bike as a product that breaks all moulds.

Blossom is set the challenge of accompanying the Niken GT launch over the course of the months, with a storytelling project that coheres with the launch concept: the product cannot be the only star but is in fact a co-star along with real people who are able to reflect the revolutionary personality of the bike.



Taking the campaign headline “Turns have no seasons”, the concept attributes a wider, deeper meaning to the concept of ‘turn’, taken to represent change, new direction, a turning point. That turning point that Niken GT wants to offer the motorcycle world and one that certain people have already made in their lives.

Aboard the Yamaha Niken, these real people, better or lesser known, allow us to discover their stories, all of which are characterised by unconventional choices and significant turning points that can inspire those who are watching.

The uniqueness of Yamaha Niken emerges thanks to the power of a tale in which the road becomes a metaphor for life.



As well as the development of a new creative concept, in line with that of the launch campaign, Blossom also conceived, produced and created four videos dedicated to the stars of the project, selected for their ability to reflect the characteristics of the new Yamaha Niken: Nicolai Lilin, author of Siberian Education and a tattooist of Russian origin; Matteo Viviani, a presenter on the Italian “Le Iene” show; Salvatore Pinga, a financial consultant who changed his life to become a fisherman and entrepreneur; Saturnino Celani, one of the most talented bass players on the Italian music scene.

Each video portrays the star aboard the Niken as they ride an evocative winding route, alternated with scenes in which the personality reveals more of their own unique context. The video also features a voiceover that narrates the story and highlights that parallelism between the road and life which serves as the basis for the concept.

To transmit the videos in an effective way, a 6-month communication strategy was developed, with planning across the main social channels, namely YouTube, Instagram and IG TV, Facebook and Twitter. For each video, a package of extra content was created, comprising stories, posts, multi-posts, video-posts, Facebook carousels and Lead Ads, able to support them and retain a high level of user interest over the course of the weeks.

All social content links to a dedicated project landing page, within the Yamaha website, which features additional content and more details about the stories of the four protagonists.

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