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In order to become a leader in out-of-home digital advertising placement, Streetvox needed to position itself in the “traditional” market of outdoor advertising with a bold and disruptive identity, able to effectively communicate the unicity of the offered services. This mission needs to be conveyed by the company’s logo and visuals but also by Streetvox’s capacity to dominate the scene in all the digital platforms where it advertises itself: to be credible in its value proposition to Clients, Streetvox needed first to achieve its goal with its own branding.

Blossom was asked to develop the overall launch strategy of the brand: from naming and logo design, to website development, to conception and realization of outreach materials.



Streetvox’s goal is to give brands a powerful voice, able to stand above the overcrowded street’s noises and effectively reach potential customers using a combination of traditional and digital technology: the naming “Streetvox”, using English and Latin next to each others, synthetically and clearly conveys its mission.

The visual identity developed focused on big keywords – recalling big outdoor advertising materials, on bright colours, on repetitions and exaggerations to evoke the visual bombing of street advertising, and also on distortions recalling the digital universe.

The Streetvox logo ends with a dot: not any dot, but a pixel, to highlight the connexion between the brand and the digital universe. As the logo needed to live on all digital platforms, it was thought since the beginning as responsive for web, mobile and billboards – but most of all, it was animated.

The overall brand identity was developed around a disruptive approach, underlying Streetvox’s capacity to think out of the box in its tone of voice, in its capacity to present spaces, in its digital soul. The locations that Streetvox cuts through present a unique, dynamic aesthetic of movement: perspectives are turned upside down, images are cut in half and overturned, the cities become digital and address the viewers with a new language.



Blossom’s communication strategy for Streetvox foresaw the development of some “traditional” outreach materials (presentation video, website etc.) but also of a tailor-made APP able to make Streetvox’s modality of offering services to its clients really unique. And digital.

Streetvox’s final clients are mainly communication agencies and media agencies, used to receiving mock-ups of their ads in the proposed out-of-home spaces. Streetvox’s App allows to showcase the locations offered by Streetvox and to drag and drop the ads, granting a real-time mock-up production entirely managed by Streetvox’s staff with extremely fast turnaround times. This daily working tool sets a great competitive advantage for Streetvox, as media agencies are able to quickly visualize a great number of placement alternatives.

The launch video needed to present all aspects of Streetvox’s value proposition. Rather than focusing on specific locations, or on out-of-home solutions, the most important element to convey was the voice of Streetvox’s client’s audiences. Voices of all the people walking in the streets, from 0 to 99 years old of all genders, nationalities, cultures. This is why the central element of the video is a song we composed, with a storng and distinctive urban sound. This is the voice of the street, Streetvox’s voice. The scenes take place at night, where (almost) everything is silent, and feature portraits of different characters: sport addicts, fashion victims, mothers, children etc.