Internet Society
The Economics of Trust


2016 was a defining moment in the evolution and growth of the internet. An exponential growth accompanied by expanding risks associated to data breaches. For the third year in a row, Internet Society asked Blossom to find a unique visual identity and to design the print and online version of the report to convey the increasing urgency of the issue. The challenge was to take this communication product to a next level, helping it to climb up the ladder of priorities in political stakeholder’s minds.



What is the path forward in tackling data breaches? This is the questions Internet Society’s Annual report 2016 answers, analysing how uncertainties about the use of our data, cybercrime, surveillance and other online threats are eroding users’ and government’s trust on how we avail ourselves of the Internet. Starting from the report’s content, we developed a creative concept based on depicting surveillance. Surveillance of technology itself, but also of people using technology in unappropriated ways.

The visual identity of the report is based on a pattern recalling both fingerprints and microchip texture. Throughout the report, this graphic pattern accompanies the reader in delving into the report content alongside with icons, graphs and data visualizations that recall the bullseye target that we should never forget when dealing with user trust and global digital economy.

The UX / UI of the dedicated micro-site is also thought so to allow for an easy navigation, supported by graphic elements such as coloured highlights for keywords and simple interactive data visualizations.



Blossom was in charge of the design and layout of 3 editions of the Internet Society Annual Report both in its print and digital versions, in English, French and Spanish. For the digital version, we developed the dedicated micro-site.



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