Supply Annual Report: Creating Shared Value


UNICEF Supply Division needed to design its new Supply Annual Report, telling how the partnership with the business sector has contributed to the creation of shared value for children.

From a communication point of view, UNICEF’s request was to have a report consistent with the previous editions, but at the same time able to stand out with a slightly new look and feel, highlighting the dynamic soul of the Supply Division and clearly showing the many data and results of the Department’s work.


Blossom worked in close partnership with the Supply Division Communication team, shaping each page of the report with a specific attention to the content and at the same time ensuring consistency both with UNICEF branding guidelines and with the Supply Division “style”. Conceptually, the report is crossed by a line, changing colour according to the chapter, in order to create a clear distinction among the different sections of the report.

The same publication was developed as an interactive website, where users can access all the report information in a fast, smart and dynamic way. Animated graphs, data visualization and maps allow the information to reach the audience in a more immediate way, showing the great impact of UNICEF activities on the field. Information and data are also easier to share and spread broadly.


Blossom designed, laid out and printed the Annual Report, working at the same time on the digital version, both from the web graphic and development side.