Every Woman Every Child
Standing for women and children


As a leading multi-stakeholder platform appointed to coordinating cross-sectorial action of other major organizations, EWEC needed to make itself recognizable in the crowded panorama of health movements by developing an outstanding, unique and memorable visual identity.

In 2015, EWEC asked Blossom to develop its new visual identity for the Progress report, illustrating the results achieved in the Global Strategy for Women and Children’s Health, to be launched in New York at the UN General Assembly.



The idea behind the visual concept aimed at representing every woman and every child of the world.

This ambitious objective has been ideally reached on the report’s cover, illustrated with the profile of various women and children of varying age and race, similar but at the same time different one from another. Indeed, each woman and each child is unique – but altogether they form a global community, which, from a graphic point of view, creates a colourful pattern, creatively used inside the report to convey key messages and to communicate data in an entertaining way.

This pattern is incorporated in all the communication materials – advocacy materials, social media assets, event materials.



Blossom developed all the communication materials used for the launch of “Saving Lives, Protecting Future” and for its follow-up: Progress report, icons, posters, social media posts, backdrops, banners.

Blossom also produced a 3-minute animated video broadcasted during the launch event in New York, at the UN Headquarters, highlighting the Report’s key concepts.

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