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Diavel 1260: So good to be bad


Ducati launched the new Diavel 1260, a muscular but also agile cruiser that reinterprets the Diavel style with a contemporary look. Ducati asked Blossom to support the positioning of this bike as a novelty for diavelists, reinforcing the narrative of its unique and distinctive mood.



Our task was to delve into the “So good to be bad” concept used for the launch of this new bike, taking it to the next level in terms of brand perception and positioning.

The new Diavel maintains its bold personality, unconventional design and powerful engine but also looks into a future where technology allows for it to be used by less experienced riders, not only in urban settings but also in natural landscapes. Being “bad” can therefore feel really “good”.

To explore more in depth these possibilities, we have developed a social media strategy based on a storytelling concept following two main parallel lines.

One is related to the “urban” style of the bike – to pinpoint its coolness and design.

Cities are visually characterized by night lights and by the red colours of urban elements such as traffic lights. The mood is the one of fun, pleasure and luxury: altogether these elements recall a hyper contemporary urban jungle, underlining the futuristic design of the new Diavel.

The other line is the “nature” style of the bike – to describe the power of its engine and its unexpected comfort in travel.

The travel soul of the new Diavel is emphasized by the use of visuals that illustrate an explosive, irrepressible, exaggerated nature, where diavelists can reconnect with their desire to go beyond limits, facing the challenges ahead.



Our social media strategy foresaw the development of a broad array of digital storytelling materials, supported by a sound editorial plan.

We have developed over 80 deliverables, among which story kits for Instagram (IG) and Facebook (FB), story videos, video posts, multi-posts, single posts, FB carousel, Youtube videos, IG/FB Canva and Lead ads for IG/FB.

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