Security Lab
Prevent and Protect


Security Lab is an Italian cyber security firm with a clear mandate in its mind: to combat the cybercrime, attacking companies’ software systems. Its value proposition lays in building unassailable systems, monitoring and preventing risks, dealing with emergency situations. A bit like police officers facing crime.

Blossom was asked to find a brilliant way to clarify Security Lab’s mission, activities and added value to potential clients.



A rebranding that was a total makeover, in terms of communication: that was our answer to Security Lab’s request. After having explored in depth Security Lab’s value proposition and positioning objectives, we developed its new logo, which includes a geometric shape recalling a shield. This graphic element visually represents the idea of defence and is accompanied by a new payoff that we “borrowed” from the US police mottos: “Prevent and Protect”. We chose colours that are not common in this field, to grant an original design realization and to make the overall brand more recognizable.

However, this was not enough: we needed to extend the visual identity, going into the substance of the services offered by Security Lab – and telling them through the lens of the company’s brand personality. This led us to developing a series of editorial illustrations able to tell the mission of the company in a memorable, persuasive, eye-catching way. The various prevention and protection activities carried out are illustrated by resorting to paradoxical situations where, for example, helicopters watch over computers and officers monitor cyber borders. These illustrations came to life in Security Lab’s new website: the viewer can avail himself of the intro section to have a complete overview of the firm’s activities and strategies, accompanied by illustrations that tell much more than words. All the sections of the website are graphically coherent one with the other, including the one dedicated to the staff members, in which each staff is depicted with an illustration on the same style and colours of other illustrations, so not to disrupt the overall visual experience.



In the frame of our rebranding activity, we revised the corporate logo, developed the overall brand book and various collateral materials (PPTs, business cards, letterheads etc.). We also developed the new Security Lab website.



Security Lab is an Italian cyber security firm, offering services ranging from networking, to support service management to cloud-based services.