Once upon a time a focaccia


Corti bakery has been working since 1926, daily popping out crispy bread and other delicacy in a cozy town outside Milan. Its value proposition does not only lay in experience, which in culinary arts is undoubtfully an important asset, but also in the choice of maintaining high standards in terms of quality – which in bakery translates in buying the best ingredients and in waiting patiently for the bread to rise. Although unrivalled in terms of expertise and quality, some of Corti modern competitors have more strategic locations in town and cheaper products: for this reason, Corti’s business started suffering. It needed a powerful rebranding and repositioning, and that’s where Blossom came in.



Our rebranding strategy started from analysing in depth the competitive assets to be leveraged in communication. The central elements we focused on were the story of the bakery, inextricably linked to tradition, the quality of products and the existence of three different shops.

We redesigned the logo, giving it a “vintage” look but entangling it with a contemporary flavour. The blue we’ve chosen gives a sense of strength and power, whilst recalling tradition and stability. The logo was the base to uniform the communicative assets of the three shops, that previously had different visual identities.

We then developed a series of collateral materials, functional to building a meaningful storytelling. To this end, we created a magazine called “Zero compromises”: no compromises in terms of quality (Corti still chooses the best ingredients – special local wheats apt to satisfy all alimentary intolerance needs, butter over margarine etc.) and of time (Corti takes the time to wait for the traditionally long baking and rising activities). The magazine, distributed for free to all customers, relates the story of the bakery but also the baking process. A two-page infographic presents all the different types of bread produced and illustrates each piece’s characteristics. The magazine has been the main storytelling vehicle, but it led to creating ad hoc storytelling tools in the points of sale.

Products start having their own voice in the posters hanging on the walls of the shop and on the bread bags. “I am an olive stick, I look thin but have more olives than wheat”.  This and other sentences, developed through a careful copywriting, fill up the posters and the bread bags, creating an itinerant advertisement carried out in the streets of Seregno by the customers buying Corti’s bread. Corti has regained the city.

To overcome local boundaries and spread Corti’s reputation beyond Seregno, storytelling continues on social media, through an Instagram campaign for which we’ve overseen both the strategy and content production.



This rebranding activity foresaw the creation of the logo and of all the related visual identity, which was applied to a broad array of products: posters, postcards, labels for the various bread types, staff uniforms, the “Zero Compromise” magazine, as well as the corporate website.