#NiceTo… meet Monster 797


In 2016, Ducati launched the Monster 797, an iconic, sporty, essential and easy to ride motorbike. Right after the launch at the annual Ducati World Premiere, Ducati asked Blossom to develop a new headline and a consistent storytelling able to broaden the communication reach of this product to more effectively engage novice riders, young people and women for whom this bike could have been a perfect entry point in Ducati’s world.



The Ducati Monster 797 is a bike with premium technical features, but also easy to ride. It is a motorbike that makes things easy, with which it feels “nice” to do a lot of stuff.

With this new Monster, it is “nice to” explore the city, “nice to” go to work, “nice to” hit the road to meet new people, “nice to” hang out with friends. #NiceTo is the concept we have developed for this campaign. To illustrate it, we have related the stories of four young characters: Bea, Lucas, Mark and Miguel, having fun in life and on the road.



Four videos tell the story of the nice moments of four young, smart and contemporary people who live their lives at the fullest also thanks to their Monster 797.

Bea is a model by profession and a biker for passion, who loves being able to organize her time without constrictions. Mark, a young tattoo artist, has an itch for exploration: new lines on the skin, new curves in the street. Miguel is a photographer who loves to draw inspiration from the light, and from the street.

By introducing these characters, we wanted to create a sense of identification of the target with “cool” people, whose “coolness” was also given by the fact that they were riding a Monster. With minimum effort  but getting the best out of it.

It was one of the first time Ducati chose to develop a new storytelling able to drive the potential client from the November launch of the motorbike until the moment when the motorbike was in store, releasing one story per month and creating buzz around them.

Their stories can also be found on a dedicated website, where users can download the “Nice To” app and develop their own contents, ready to be shared with their peers. This was a smart way to stimulate the creation of UGCs (User Generated Contents), able to corroborate the already strong Ducati Monster community.