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New Levels. A new Milan.


In 2018, Puma signed a long-term partnership with A.C. Milan and together they needed to launch the Away Kit. Puma’s vision was to create overlapping areas between the worlds of professional football, street soccer and rap, making the football shirt a cool and trendy accessory to have. Blossom was asked to develop and implement a memorable event for the launch of the Away Kit that could settle the new Puma – A.C. Milan partnership in the “street style” world.



The union between A.C. Milan and Puma was taking them both, in fact, to new levels. This is the assumption from which we’ve started developing our creative concept, synthesized in the tagline “New Levels. A new Milan.”

The main colour of the event was white, representing a new blank page, ready to be written with a new story; white is also the main colour of the Away Kit t-shirt.

All the event’s activities were consistent with this concept. Both A.C. Milan and Puma as individual entities have a long past, but their future in partnership still had to be written. A long tunnel physically represented this path: in it, images of A.C. Milan important moments and videos of Puma, edited with a vintage and glitch effect – evoking the blurred television screens typical from the Eighties, recalled the black line of the new Away kit.

Entertainment was guaranteed thanks to a street soccer cage, where football freestylers played, capturing guests with their tricks and thanks to the live performance of Luca Barcellona, a famous calligraphy artist. During the event, he wrote messages sent via Instagram from A.C. Milan supporters on 11 Away kit t-shirts, transforming them into art pieces.

Last but not least, the event ended with the live performance of trap singer Ernia and with the official launch of the Away Kit by Milan’s players and Puma’s management.



Blossom developed the creative concept for the event and took care of the entire event planning and management: from interior design, to art direction, graphic design and motion animation.



Puma is one of the world’s leading sports brands, producing, among others, professional soccer players’ uniforms. In 2018, Puma and A.C. Milan announced a long-term partnership.

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