Incontri Esistenziali
New definitions


Incontri Esistenziali is a cultural hub based in Bologna and that, unlike many of the others based in the same city, adopts a free approach towards culture. Instead of focusing on books, exhibitions and events, it seeks to showcase the people who write books, who create art, who delve deep into life. It wants the public to meet with interesting people and, possibly, to gain a new outlook on life, thanks to the positive examples provided via the association. However, the old brand identity of Incontri Esistenziali was sombre and static, unable to communicate the positivity and richness of the association’s offer. It was also unable to increase the association’s visibility and appeal in a culturally crowded Bologna. Blossom is therefore tasked with the development of a new brand idea, to achieve these positioning and reputational objectives.



The visual concept starts with “dictionary” definitions, offering them up and then removing them, replacing them with an alternative “vision”. One that is hand-written, in order to express its “non-definitive” nature, highlighting the possibility that many hands may intervene and that, by meeting with new and “interesting” people, a response to questions regarding the meaning of life might be formulated. In the visuals, the background colour is always neutral and light, but never pure white, recalling the “imperfect” paper of a printed page.

The rewritten definition is always accompanied by a black and white photo that takes up minimal space. Also in this case, the message we want to communicate is the “non-definitiveness”, but also the suggestion, the proposal of a new take on life and on the topics most pressing for the heart of humankind. The style is elegant and refined but not in the sense of being exclusive. On the contrary, we want to transmit the idea of a place of attention to detail, discovery and cultural exchange. The pale colours instil a sense of calm and certainty. The serif font that recalls the “classics” immediately transmits the concept of culture.

The handwriting font that flanks it counterposes the academic with the experience, making it modern and current, as well as dynamic.

To cohere with this visual identity, the IE logo also needed reworking. It now uses a classic serif font that is again “lightened” with the presence of the handwriting font that, by using only the initials of the name, “contaminates” the name, giving a sense of life, dynamism, evolution.



A new visual identity, applied to all corporate and communication materials and to event posters, both print and digital. We developed the overall IA, UX, UI and coded the new website.