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Lukaku is in Town


Romelu Lukaku is a Belgian professional footballer who played until August 2019 in Manchester United. During the summer, rumours anticipated that a negotiation to switch Lukaku to an Italian professional football team was ongoing.

Puma, the sport brand dressing Lukaku for Manchester United, asked Blossom to prepare a guerrilla marketing action in the city of Milan, assuming that Lukaku would go onto playing for Inter Milan. The challenge for this project was to have a campaign ready to be implemented within 24 hours of the announcement of the player’s sale.



A guerrilla marketing action needs to achieve great impact with a small budget. It also needs to be implemented fast and to generate surprise. Success of a guerrilla campaign is also measured in terms of how viral the action becomes.

Our idea was to cover the city of Milan with posters that could “scream out loud” that Lukaku was now part of the Inter Milan football club in a subtle way, winking the eye to footballer market fans but without excluding people not passionate about football.

We’ve developed 2 different visuals for the posters, one featuring Lukaku’s portrait – wearing his Puma outfit of course – and the other one featuring Lukaku holding a Puma shoe. The tagline, written in a style that recalls the one of street style hip-hop / rap albums is “Lukaku is in town”.



In 24 hours, we’ve printed and managed to affix 5.000 posters in the metropolitan area of Milan. But mostly, we’ve recorded the action and edited a powerful, stunning, fast-paced video to relate the guerrilla action. The video was broadcasted by Puma on its social media channels and shared by Lukaku on his Instragram account, reaching hundreds of thousands of visualizations.

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