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A.C. Milan
The World Cup factory


Not everybody knows that the World Cup, awarded every four years to the best football team in the world, has been ideated and designed by an Italian artisan. Casa Milan’s red and black museum, Mondo Milan, hosted a temporary exhibition on the genesis of the trophies produced for the prestigious FIFA and UEFA sports organizations, all crafted through artisan skills such as micro-fusion or “lost-was casting”.

Blossom was asked to develop the visual identity of the event, to be applied throughout the various ADV materials to be disseminated in the streets of Milan, on newspapers, and on digital media.



Spotlight is generally on football clubs, not on the production behind the physical trophies given out to the winners. The challenge was to raise the public’s curiosity for this event, strongly linking it with AC Milan’s visual identity so to indirectly shed a light on the Mondo Milan Museum.

The creative concept developed for the visual identity of this event was to convey, through powerful illustrations and a revealing design, an immediate idea on what the event focused on. Together with award-winning editorial illustrator Francesco Bongiorni, we developed a scene depicting monumental trophies that overlook the city and pedestrians. These trophies, in particular the World Cup that results as the central element of the image, are released on the ground by cranes, raising the surprise of pedestrians who become fascinated spectators of the “making of” of these new masterpieces in town.

The setting is the one of contemporary Milan, but the night sky recalls an ancient future ambience in which big golden shrines dominate the landscape.

This main visual has of course been developed in strict connection with AC Milan branding guidelines: from typography to colour palette, all recalls the AC Milan style and tone of voice.



For this event, we have developed the entire ADV campaign: posters of different formats, leaflets, invitations but also branded trams.

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