Keeping Unitaid’s identity on the roll


In order to fulfil its mission, Unitaid needs to convey the importance of its role in the “ecosystem” of global health also by demonstrating its strength in identifying and promoting innovation, an element at the core of its mission.

Unitaid asked Blossom to convey its innovative capacity through an updated visual identity, coherent with its previous one but modernized.



Blossom decided to refresh Unitaid’s visual identity and to apply it transversally to its storytelling by making it more contemporary, stronger and new, without losing consistency and recognizability with the previous identity. The new approach foresaw the use of different overlapping layers, creating movement: solid letters, geometric forms and lines, altogether, create an original design. Lines are thinner and the typography more contemporary, resulting in an overall lighter and more distinguished style.

The unique illustrative style developed for the previous identity was maintained but reinforced: artworks are lighter and depict with few simple lines the issues dealt with. Illustrations of human characters have been added more frequently, to strengthen the storytelling and to link more directly Unitaid’s work to the positive impact achieved in people’s lives.



Unitaid’s new visual identity has been consistently applied to the entire spectrum of communication products: Annual Reports, motion graphic videos, digital reports, brochures, factsheets, flyers, web banners, social media cards, presentation templates, business cards, end of year cards, by-side products, merchandising etc.