Justice Rapid Response - JRR
Justice Rapid Response


Justice Rapid Response (JRR) helps the international community confront international crimes and human rights abuses by rapidly deploying highly specialized criminal justice and human rights professionals. JRR’s mission goes beyond delivering credible justice to victims and preventing future offenses: JRR’s work is also raising the quality and speed of response to mass atrocities everywhere.

The 2017 Annual Report was the chance for JRR not only to communicate the activities carried on during the year, but also to reinforce this positioning. Blossom was asked to achieve this objective by designing the digital version of the report.



One of the core aspects of JRR’s work lies in its capacity in quickly deploying diverse professionals to improve the speed and quality of investigations. Serious Investigation, promptness and technology are inextricable in achieving this mission.

Our creative concept needed to immediately convey these aspects. Looking under the surface of things, digging into the maze of facts; uncovering responsibilities, driving out criminals. These elements are visually represented by a magnifying glass that glides over the world map, uncovering fingerprints and leading to clues that form dotted lines which, joined, provide a complete picture. The world map shows the global reach of JRR; the digital animation shows the constant effort and activity carried on by JRR’s professionals; the tailor-made icons combined with a colour palette based on a scale of blues recall the digital and virtual world of microchips.

To offer a smooth and engaging experience, we focused on providing a strong digital storytelling, introducing the viewer in a dynamic user experience around an immersive, fluid single-page scroll. To this end, maps, graphs and interactive data were fundamental to match with a contemporary design.



Blossom was in charge of the design and development of the Justice Rapid Response 2017 Digital Annual Report. This entailed a sound reflection on the UX / UI to give to the dedicated micro-site and the adaptation of the creative concept through the development of tailor-made illustrations and unique graphic patterns.



Justice Rapid Response (JRR) is a multi-stakeholder facility that brings together States, international and regional institutions, civil society and the private sector with the goal of helping the international community confront international crimes and human rights abuses by rapidly deploying highly specialized, diverse criminal justice and human rights professionals.