Youth at work, youth at risk?

International Labour Organization

What does it mean to be young workers in 2018?

Many feel pressure to accept the first job offer they get, often without considering if the working conditions put their health and safety at risk. This is a problem, since young workers suffer from injury and illness on the job at far higher rates than their adult counterparts.

Blossom was contacted to tell this story digitally, on the International Labour Organization (ILO)’s infostories website. The challenge was to find a new way to disclose this situation, making it interesting, clear, engaging and universal. We chose an editorial approach, where illustrations are more able to bring stories to life and entice readers to engage with content. We also added animations, to make the stories even more vibrant. So that more people could advocate for the safety of today’s generation of young workers, that is also the safety of future generations.

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