What is Illumia?


How to tell the true soul of one of the main Italian utility company, capturing both its corporate and fresh side?

Through a song and a video clip, of course. “Illumia is” sees the company’s people on the front line in interpreting and showing what Illumia really is: fast, trust, red, trend, light, makes me shine, feels alright one more time, all night long, sing a song, never stopping, hula hopping, dance dance dance, do my best, do my best, easy peasy, freezing, smart, darth, cool, pool, friends, perfect blend, comfort food, feeling good, rock and roll, bouncing ball, jump jump jump, super punch, power, superpower, stay together, more than ever, start everyday. The result is a unique product, tailor-made on Illumia’s needs and values.

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