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Nearly 1 billion of the world’s 1.2 billion youth live in developing countries and half of them in rural areas where they are most often poor, lack economic opportunities and face constraints to access land, services, technology and training. IFAD’s flagship publication, the 2019 Rural Development Report (RDR), presents analysis on rural youth and makes recommendations to policymakers on how to help rural youth become “productive, connected and in charge”.

After having developed the print version of the report, IFAD asked Blossom to develop a dynamic, interactive and multilingual (English, French, Spanish, Arabic) digital version of the report, pulling out key findings, presenting accessible chapter overviews and including a broad range of dynamic and interactive features.



Our creative approach started with the development of the overall content strategy. Based on the RDR and summary report provided by IFAD, we developed a compelling narrative and framed the story with clear headlines, subheads, and body copy to ensure that all target audiences can access the report. We transformed the 300 pages print report in a website organized in 7 sections, allowing for an easy navigation across the report’s main themes.

We then provided copywriting consultancy aimed at simplifying and de-jargonizing highlight text, with suggestions on key narrative elements to be included between main figures, graphs and infographics, and adapted the visual design elements developed for the print version into functional digital design elements. Data visualizations were animated, allowing for users to select which data to visualize: bar charts, maps and various types of graphs interactively display main data and can be downloaded in JPG versions.

The result is an intuitive and easy-to-navigate website in 4 languages, with specific interlinking among chapters and tool tips that link content to downloadable PDFs. The mobile-responsive version of the report was also created, allowing for a pleasant navigation on all devices.



Blossom developed the content strategy for the digital report, adapted visual design elements, developed and coded the website, including a mobile-responsive version. We also developed some social media cards.



The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is an international financial institution whose mission is to enable poor rural people to improve their food security and nutrition, raise their incomes, and strengthen their resilience.

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