UN Women
How to end violence against women


The UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women Annual Report 2017: Generating Sustainability highlights the life-changing results achieved by UN Trust grantees to prevent and end violence against women and girls around the world.

Blossom was asked to develop a creative concept able to illustrate UN Trust’s increased investment and efforts in building capacity and ensuring sustainability of its grantees.



UN Trust supports hundreds of projects with the goal of contributing to a growing knowledge hub of what works in preventing and ending violence against women and girls, reaching more than 6 million people worldwide.

The creative concept that we’ve developed for their Annual Report focused on depicting the explosion of energies, the great effort and the broad reach that these initiatives have had on women and girls. Starting from the UN Trust logo, we disaggregated it into a pattern made of geometric symbols that recall arrows and circles. This pattern is found throughout the report: the geometric figures gather around words to compose titles, they create a background texture for quotes and they represent design elements in the photographic treatment. A special attention has indeed been given to images: photos alternate central coloured elements, delimited by the geometric pattern enclosed in a circle, with the remaining part of the picture in black-and-white. The attention of the reader is immediately drawn to the resulting bullseye, an effective technique to highlight key visual elements of the image.



Blossom developed the design and layout of the report and the micro-site.