Africa Progress Panel
Grain, fish, money


Africa Progress Panel (APP) Report “Grain, Fish, Money: Financing Africa’s Green and Blue revolution” was a warmly welcomed publication: it contained robust policy recommendations to ignite an economic transformation to sustain growth in the continent. As the attention and interest of people in power is always in high demand, APP asked Blossom to develop a visual identity for the report at least as powerful as the messages it needed to illustrate.



Key elements for Africa’s revolution are its fertile land, its extensive fisheries and forests, and the energy and ingenuity of its people.

A meaningful colour palette, able to clearly and effectively identify the issues dealt with in the report was the starting point for the creative concept development.

Based on the combination of strong orange, tonalities of blue and cyan and various shades of lime green, we developed a watercolour cover illustrating a blue wave at the bottom, evoking the sea – and the Fish. As the wave rises, the colours turn to green, reminding a lush hill – and the Grain. The undulation of the wave and the progression of colours also recall a growth, which can be linked to the economic growth inherent the green and blue economic sectors – and the generation of Money.



Blossom developed the design and layout of the Report in English, French and Portuguese and all related communication materials: complex yet clear infographics, social media assets, quote cards, event materials.