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Global Compact Report


It is 1999. The then Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan invites economic leaders and companies from all over the world to formulate an international agreement, to tackle the most complex aspects of globalisation together. The following year, at the United Nations HQ in New York City, the United Nations Global Compact officially comes into being. Over the years, more than 18,000 firms from 163 countries have signed the agreement, embracing the ten principles that span the areas of human rights, work, sustainability, and anti-corruption. As of 2019, Blossom is one of these firms.

It has been a two-pronged challenge. On the one hand, making the principles of the Global Compact our own, adapting concepts designed for medium/large companies to the realities of SMEs and integrating them into our business culture, strategic vision, and daily life. On the other hand, formulating the sustainability report that every company must present annually, demonstrating the actions taken and results achieved in a qualitative and quantitative report, with an approach that highlights the Blossom spirit.



We are fighters. From the very beginning, we have battled against the status-quo, the “already seen” and the “already heard”. We fight in the name of Beauty, a powerful lever with which to change the world, and from 2008 we have done this together with those who, like us, strive to make this world a better place: the United Nations companies.

Project after project, we have found ourselves dealing with certain themes, promoting sustainable development, taking a position on the front line when it comes to Gender Equality. In the UN principles, we have rediscovered our own values, recognising ourselves in their efforts and seeing our beliefs in the Global Compact.

We have chosen to officially take part, guided by the values that belong to us. The Use your Heart that is reflected in our texts and the Own it that sees us take responsibility for what we do, aware that “It’s up to you: you can remain behind the scenes or you can prepare and train, fall down and maybe hurt yourself.”

We have adapted the SDGs conceived for medium/large companies to an SME dimension, allowing them to permeate our daily life and influence our way of thinking, living and working, in order to make a difference of our own.



The Blossom Sustainability Report is not only tangible proof of the formal commitment undertaken in 2019 but is also a truthful and vibrant portrait of Blossom. It opens the doors of its HQ to the world, showcasing a working environment designed to allow everyone to fully express their creative potential in comfort and safety. It tells of a business that respects every individual’s personal ambitions, defining personal development paths based on each person’s abilities and aspirations; that ensures fair treatment in terms of salary, working hours and holidays; that promotes a zero waste policy, striving to reduce, re-use and recycle. It reveals our commitment in terms of Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment, which condemns any discriminatory behaviour, supports pregnancy and does away with inequality, also in terms of remuneration.

The efforts made can be seen in some of  the figures included in the report: 18 new hires in 2019, to respond to an increase in turnover, 21 months of maternity/paternity leave guaranteed to three members of staff (men or women), 21 female employees out of a total of 39; more than 41% of managerial roles and senior positions occupied by women; more than 7000 bottles and 10,000 items of plastic cutlery saved; 9 fighters who choose sustainable mobility, and so on.

All of this is reported comprehensively, accurately, and promptly, but always in the Blossom fashion, with an explosive creative approach, infographics that grab the attention, a one-of-a-kind visual language and a straightforward tone of voice, able to stand out.