GPE - Global Partnership For Education
Fund Education. Shape the Future


International funds periodically launch Replenishment campaigns aimed at mobilizing resources by positioning multi-year financial asks within Governments’ political agendas.

To this end, the GPE asked Blossom to develop a creative strategy to launch its Replenishment by passing the idea that, by funding education, the future of many children and societies can be greatly improved.



The creative concept Blossom developed is based on the idea that education is able to shape people’s future. It is not just about going to school and getting a degree: education contributes to the building of a person, to creating better health and social conditions. Visually we symbolized this concept by depicting children and students whose shapes are completed by a line, representing as if, thanks to education, they can finally be complete. This can be applied not only to students and children, but also to teachers, classrooms and communities, because a better education affects all. The line became the distinctive sign of GPE Replenishment campaign and is found throughout all the materials.



Blossom developed the creative concept of the campaign, its tagline and visual identity, together with all the communication materials needed: icons set, banners, displays, landing pages, factsheets, infographics, social media materials, motion videos, fundraising and advocacy materials for the event (such as the Case for Investment report) and a website. The products were developed in 6 languages: English, French, Italian, German, Arabic and Spanish.

The distinctive visual element represented by the line is a simple yet strong graphic element, carrying the important meaning of the improvement that can be achieved by replenishing the missing areas of education, and is a visual trait found in all the materials.

An additional visual language is added for advocacy and social media materials. The introduction of graphics, animation and storytelling make them more engaging. Hands appear in these materials: they write, draw, delete, show messages and represent the possibility for the line of the future to come to life and act.

In the website, the distinctive line is visible in the call to action buttons and in the transitions. The UX and UI of the website was thought to contain the great amount of resources provided by the GPE.