Countless faces of a cube


Dueacca is a tap system. A very special tap system indeed: an award-winning design product, unique in its versatility. Dueacca is a 316 stainless steel cube developed to provide a smart and flexible answer to indoor and outdoor needs. In order to be set up in its various configurations, Dueacca features a wide range of stainless-steel accessories: shower-head connectors, shelves, hose holders, free-standing fountains and an outdoor clip, making it easy to create a watering supply-point wherever it is needed.

Blossom was asked to develop a visual identity and a communications campaign able to live up to the high-end positioning of Dueacca and to illustrate its versatility and adaptability.



To develop our creative concept, we focused on two features of this product that needed to be conveyed by its visual identity: its superior design and its versatility in usage.

To enhance Dueacca’s cubic shape and its modular approach, we have developed a creative concept underlining the “countless faces of a cube”, its capacity to be applied to many different tools and its multi-faced soul: innovative, sustainable, design oriented.

The visuals supporting this tagline are based on a colourful 3D world, recalling glamourous contemporary art, in which Dueacca stands among metallic objects which are not confined into a traditional indoor setting, leaving the possibility to imagine multiple configurations where Dueacca can live and play with its many roles.



Dueacca visual identity was applied to all the communication materials (brochure, technical leaflets, ADV etc.). In addition to design and layout, we were also in charge of the photographic shooting of the products. We have also developed and designed Dueacca’s website and created a social media campaign.



Dueacca comes from the synergy of Verum Italy, a promoter of furniture components, accessories and complements for interior design, and Adriano design, a multi award-winning design studio.