Dueacca is an innovative tap system, a 316 stainless steel cube developed to provide a smart and flexible answer to indoor and outdoor needs. In order to launch its outdoor collection, Verum Italy contacted Blossom to create an outstanding visual identity for this design product. To underline its cubic shape and its modular approach, the creative concept talks about the “countless faces of a cube”, its capacity to be applied to many different tools and at the same time its multi-faced soul: innovative, sustainable, design-oriented. The visual tells the same story, through the creation of a 3D colorful world, where Dueacca lives and plays with its many roles. The new identity was applied to all the brand communication materials, including a website and a social media campaign.

dueacca visual - Blossom
dueacca visuals - Blossom
dueacca intro indoor - Blossom
dueacca brand identity - Blossom