Buono is good


Italian cuisine is traditionally associated to a certain number of stereotyped dishes, such as lasagne, pizza and pasta.

Buono is an Italian cuisine restaurant in Toronto, offering… guess what? Exactly the type of dishes you would expect in an Italian restaurant: lasagne, pizza and pasta. Well, and also piadine, tiramisu and spritz, of course.

Its main value proposition thus resides in food’s (and drink’s) Italian-ness but also in its quality and in the speed of service: Buono is the perfect place to have a quick lunch.

Blossom was asked to help Buono develop its brand identity and related communication material so to encourage customers to fulfill their craving of Italy.



What makes an Italian italian? Scenic cities like Venice, monuments like the Coliseum, art pieces such as the David of Donatello and gestures (do you know any Italian who does not gesticulate while speaking?), just to mention a few characterizing elements.

However, we did not want Buono’s brand identity to merely focus on old stereotypical associations: on the contrary, we wanted to leverage traditional representations by bringing them into a new era. The era of the Italian spirit of the new generations that move fast, proud of their roots but also citizens of the world, linked to their country but ready to leave and change. A smart Italian style that speaks not only about the past but also about future, capable of transmitting that simplicity and speed that make Buono unique.

Starting from this creative concept, we developed a visual identity based on a colour palette featuring the main Italian colours, green and red, but revisited: green has been slightly faded, and red almost turns into orange. The visuals are based on an entangled association between stereotypes that characterize Italy in foreigner’s minds and a contemporary, surreal interpretation: spaghetti become the water in Venice’s canals, parmesan cheese pieces become the Dolomites and piadine become UFOs flying over them.

Visuals are rich, colourful and psychedelic. They are reinforced by the contrast with a gothic typography that gives the final touch to an original brand.

The copywriting supports the narrative of Italian-ness: Italian expressions such as “Mamma mia che Buono!” dominate communication materials – menus, takeaway packages and tablemats, and social media disseminate hashtags like #troppoBuono (#toogood).



For this brand identity, we developed the logo, the overall identity applied to corporate materials (business cards, staff uniforms, menu, table mats) and to all the communication materials (posters, social media materials etc.) We also oversaw the staging of the restaurant interior decoration, developing glass and wall decals, motion graphics animations to be shown in the restaurant’s monitors etc. We also developed the restaurant’s landing page.



Buono is a restaurant located in Toronto, Canada. It offers typical dishes and drinks of the Italian cuisine.