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Ducati has always been perceived as a big, fast, sophisticated design brand, producing motorbikes thought for high-performance experienced drivers.  In 2016, Ducati launched the Multistrada 950, a bike characterized by an increased ease of driving and by an extreme travel comfort. In this occasion, Blossom developed a campaign that successfully attracted not only performance addicts, comfort and style-seekers, but also those who wanted to approach motor riding without feeling intimidated. Since then, Ducati asked us to develop a powerful storytelling to position the brand, with a selection of motorbikes, into the travel sector, with the aim of becoming a global leader also in this field.



Ducati’s communication had always focused on visuals featuring red, sinuous, sophisticated design motorcycles at the centre of the page. On a language mainly addressing speed enthusiasts. On communication materials essentially developed to support the climax of each new bike’s launch in the annual EICMA event.

Reaching the new target that Ducati wanted to attain required a change in the storytelling itself.

Whether for novice riders, for adventurous off-road high sensation seekers, for nature lovers or for urban bikers, the bikes of the Multistrada selection have different souls, but one unique purpose: they are “Born to travel”.

This claim is at the heart of our creative concept. The “Travel mode” (and mood) overtake for these Ducati products the “Racing mode”.

Our entire media production focuses on presenting the travel bikes outside of traditional driving contexts, framing them into beautiful landscapes, taking viewers in the imaginary of travel while illustrating the technical features of the motorbike.

The centre of the story is not the motorcycle itself: it’s the lifestyle, the daily situations, the adventure, the amazing places and the human relationships that the rider can experience at the fullest thanks to his/her bike. At the heart of the story lays the experience, more than the motorbike.

This is translated in the visuals that feature at the centre of the image the riders, the cities, the natural settings drivers will be able to explore thanks to their one and only fundamental companion: the motorbike pictured on a side.

It is translated in the photographic and video style, which portray unrevealed landscapes that Ducati’s travel bikes allow to endlessly explore as never before. The focus is not on the power of bikes in curves, but in the beauty of travelling with a passenger in the back, taking the time to inhale the landscape’s beauty. It is translated in the tone of voice, that shifts the verbal spotlight from performance to personal emotions and experiences.  It is translated in the choice of the communication materials to be included in the campaign: ADV, videos but also and mainly social media materials, able to enter viewer’s lives and strongly influence brand perception.



In addition to developing the storytelling for each motorbike through dedicated taglines, videos, social media materials etc., we proposed to develop the “Born to Travel” digital magazine, gathering travel stories, trail suggestions and performance hints.

This digital magazine, released quarterly both on Ducati’s website and on the IG page, is focused on the emotional storytelling of travellers covering amazing unexplored paths and routes.

Blossom is in charge of the whole content planning, copywriting, video production, development of social media cuts, posts and stories.

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