Arredamento Lombardo
Beyond the surface of a fabric

In the rebranding of Arredamento Lombardo, we wanted to give the brand a contemporary and inspirational look & feel, able to speak both to the world of interior design and to the private one, showing them all the excellence of the brand. The brand needed be able to be perceived for all the materiality of its products, the quality of the raw materials, supported by decades of history in the textile field. We also wanted those who meet AL to dream, to imagine the warmth of their home, to fall in love with a fabric and its colors. The lines of the logo are reminiscent of an embroidery, or a seam, in order to immediately characterize the brand with its soul. From here, we have created a texture, used both in corporate materials, and in the collections, where it lives with different colors and weaves, to distinguish the different types of fabrics. A cold photographic treatment that showed only the product has been replaced with an approach in which the fabric is the element that determines the style of the environment that dresses, capable of transforming the home and the experience of those who live it.