A green Europe, a better world


The Batumi Initiative on Green Economy (Big-e) is a set of actions subscribed by countries and organizations in the Pan-European Region committed to greening the economy, improving air quality for a better environment and for human health.

As many initiatives based on voluntary commitment, it requires – in addition to strong political support – a powerful communicative identity, able to make it effectively recognizable and to support its dissemination to potential stakeholders.

Blossom was asked to develop the Big-e brand identity and to conceive an animation video able to present it synthetically to a broad audience.



An inclusive green economy is a promising avenue towards sustainable development.

The creative concept we’ve developed was based on building a positive and powerful visual identity, able to present the promises for the future of a green Europe within a joyful environment.

The logo developed for the “Big-e” initiative recalls nature both in colours and in typography: the letter “g” within Big recalls a leaf, the round typo used recalls fruit on the trees, all enhanced by the use of green, the universal colour for environment. The overall style is soft yet clean and concise, to represent what Big-e stands for: simple actions that can achieve big results.

The actions promoted by the Big-e indeed focus on shifting to a new economic paradigm: one which boosts prosperity and human well-being, increases access to renewable energy and improves food security and air quality while also combatting climate change. All these complex and complementary issues needed to be addressed in the video. We have therefore developed simple illustrations with a net colour scheme, animated with a simple but effective motion graphic technique so that viewers could immediately grasp the articulated messages contained in the video.



Blossom produced the logo for the Big-e initiative and the 2-min animation video, from pre-production activities such as creative concept development and storyboarding, to design, editing and post-production activities.