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A grassroot project for the new generation


In the launching phase of its new soccer cleats, PUMA needed a partner for the ideation and implementation of its Grassroot project, a roadshow aiming at presenting the new shoes to young talented soccer players. The activity had also a key brand awareness objective: to position PUMA as a preferred option for soccer cleats for young kids.



The strategy behind our proposal was to create a high-level roadshow, a key touch point for many kids and their family, where PUMA would become the first choice for their soccer equipment.

Not only the possibility to train with the latest PUMA soccer cleats, but also the opportunity to live an engaging experience: this is the Grassroot project, where young players meet and test themselves with award-winning Football Freestylers, who develop new tricks, tailored to the PUMA soccer cleats’ features.

The PUMA van was the core of the roadshow stand, where the young players could see the shoes, try them and meet and interact with Serie A soccer players, such as Morosini and Murgia.

After enthusiastically learning football freestyling and street soccer tricks, the young players are invited to pose with a pair of PUMA at a branded photobooth or to create their own gif inside the Future Cage, to share on social media channels.

The roadshows are warmly welcomed by the kids and are able to reinforce PUMA brand awareness and its positioning as a cool and quality soccer cleats provider.



Blossom has been ideating and implementing the PUMA Grassroots activities, presenting both PUMA One and PUMA Future shoes, both for Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer Sales, creating the visual identity for the roadshows and directly implementing the activities.

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