The fighters

We are a group of fighters. Our weapons are open eyes, hungry minds and wounded hearts, leading us, everyday, in a tireless search for Beauty.

Giacomo Frigerio - Blossom

Giacomo Frigerio

Admiral - Ministry of Beauty

Valentina Frigerio - Blossom

Valentina Frigerio

General - Ministry of Beauty

Edoardo Moltrasio - Blossom

Edoardo Moltrasio

Special Ops

Alberto Zanardo - Blossom

Alberto Zanardo

Web Special Forces

Filippo Zanardo - Blossom

Filippo Zanardo

Web Special Forces - Coding

Daniela Vaccaro - Blossom

Daniela Vaccaro

Creative Colonel

Simone Pessina - Blossom

Simone Pessina

Creative Colonel

Elena Pedretti - Blossom

Elena Pedretti

Creative Colonel

Mauro Arena - Blossom

Mauro Arena

Digital Creative Colonel

Alessandro Larini - Blossom

Alessandro Larini

Digital Design Officer

Arianna Losi - Blossom

Arianna Losi

Word Sniper

Daria Barlassina - Blossom

Daria Barlassina

Senior Design Officer

Gabriele Gargioni - Blossom

Gabriele Gargioni

Design Officer

Lorenzo Fusi - Blossom

Lorenzo Fusi

Design Officer

Adel Zghouri - Blossom

Adel Zghouri

Design Officer Cadet

Francesca Luccisano - Blossom

Francesca Luccisano

Design Officer

Gian Michele Manca - Blossom

Gianmichele Manca

Senior Motion Officer

Nicolo Colzani - Blossom

Nicolò Colzani

Motion Officer Cadet

Maddalena Beretta - Blossom

Maddalena Beretta

Platoon Architect

Francesco Cisco Segagni - Blossom

Francesco Segagni

Artillery Specialist

Francesco Puglioli - Blossom

Francesco Puglioli

Project Marine

Lalla - Blossom

Laura Scaglione

Project Marine

Francesco Pasquini - Blossom

Francesco Pasquini

Project Marine - Quality

Francesca Davoli - Blossom

Francesca Davoli

Counter Intelligence