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In the process of defining new objectives for the future, including a move towards a younger target audience, Illumia called Blossom to carry out the rebranding.

Logo Construction

The logo remains red, maintaining continuity with the past, but with a more contemporary shade. It becomes uppercase, as if to say that now Illumia has really grown into an adult and can afford to stand out as such in the panorama of the energy sector. It is inclined, and it is directed upwards, forward, towards the future, as if to represent this positive tension towards innovation.


Gotham Condensed Bold



Gotham Condensed Book



Gotham Book


Color Palette

To the corporate blue of the background and to the red of the logo are added graphic elements consisting of blocks of color (for a total of 7 colors) and geometric patterns, which contribute to give freshness and dynamism to the identity. They also encourage a storytelling that creates continuity and offers engaging and modern graphic solutions.


The new identity allows the customization of a multitude of materials, from sweatshirts to mugs, from backpacks to T-shirts, which become true merchandising of Illumia, to consolidate its new positioning as a loved brand, so loved to offer refined objects, to be lived and worn on a daily basis, not only by its employees but also by consumers themselves.

Icon Set

A dedicated icon set, where even the sign is able to tell the new identity.

Tone of Voice

The tone of voice is young and fresh, but never ironic or banal. He speaks in a clear, direct, transparent and immediate way.

A new beginning,
a new headquarter

The new office has been designed in the name of energy efficiency, in line with the company’s core business.

Internally, the rooms are named with the names of characters who, in art, history, sport and literature, represent Illumia and its values, to have a continuous reference to the identity of the company. The windows that separate the various spaces, as well as the walls of offices and meeting rooms are customized with famous phrases of innovators, both ancient and contemporary, serving as inspiration for everyone, collaborators and visitors. The faces of the innovators are illustrated with a fresh and contemporary style.

Social Network

Communication tools increase continuously and the digital channel becomes the preferential one, in which a static and strictly commercial communication is substituted by messages able to reate empathy and engagement with the audience. Usually, it’s quite difficult for such a kind of brand to create a strong connection with their clients and make them fall in love with it. Thanks to an authentic storytelling, Illumia, from just an energy and gas supplier, becomes a partner able to transform energy into dreams and brighten the life of its clients.

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