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Africa Progress Panel

What happens when you need to reach world leaders with compelling messages and powerful graphics year after year after year?

The attention and interest of people in power is always in high demand. From international organizations, lobby groups and civil society groups, everybody wants to pass on important messages that can reshape our future. Working with Kofi Annan and the Africa Progress Panel for years was exactly this. How to engage African leaders around key policies and issues year after year? Putting together robust policy recommendations was of course essential, but getting them out was also crucial.

Blossom worked in the creation of the organization’s visual editorial identity , having its main expression in the annual reports, with a cutting-edge design and the presence of very complex yet clear infographics. The Africa Progress Panel stood out among its peers not only thanks to the amazing leadership of Mr. Annan, but also because of it’s strong and unique brand that went hand in hand with its design.

Report – 2014

Blossom directed the design of APP’s flagship publication: Grain, Fish, Money, as well as related communication materials, including social media and advocacy products. The report includes a great number of complex infographics, depicting issues related to Africa’s Green and Blue Revolutions. The report was a resounding success with the creative, fresh and artistic style applied to a technical report in a smart and effective way.

“On behalf of Africa Progress Panel, I would like to thank Blossom for the creativity of the design and infographics, which have been widely appreciated”.

Kofi Annan

Report – 2015

For Sub-Saharan Africa, 2015 was a turning point. The summits on sustainable development, financing and climate change swung the spotlight onto Africa’s urgent energy crisis. Two in three Africans lack access to electricity. Africa Progress Report showed that the global climate moment is also Africa’s moment – Africa’s moment to lead the world. The report design is visually consistent with the previous one but with a special focus on climate change, depicting aerial views of different world environments.

“The Africa Progress Panel stood out among its peers also because of it’s strong and unique brand that went hand in hand with its design”.

Report – 2017

The report, “Making Progress Towards Attaining the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa”, draws from the insights cultivated over the APP’s decade of work (2007-2017), outlining the key opportunities and challenges Africa faces as it strives to realize the Sustainable Development Goals, and create long-term equitable and sustainable prosperity. Design-wise it has a strong visual identity, with a contemporary identity and the presence of eye-catching infographics and key messages.

The work Blossom has done for the Africa Progress Panel shows the agency’s ability to use the latest trend in design applied to meaningful and complex data, making them appealing and accessible to all the stakeholders.