My first,
My last,
My everything.


Ducati needed to launch a new motorbike: Multistrada 950, an entry point in the Ducati world, thanks to its riding ease, and the possibility to enjoy ducati performance on all terrain. The company asked for a campaign able to explain all the motorbike features and, in particular, its ability to be an accessible motorbikes for new users, keeping all the Ducati premium side.

Creative Concept

My first, my last, my everything: the new Multistrada 950 is the occasion for the mature driver to go back to the road or to enter into the Ducati world, with the promise that this motorbike is able to fulfill all the expectations in terms of superior performance without intimidation, versatility, style and comfort with enjoyable riding on all terrain. Everything, indeed.

Adv Campaign

A clean motorbike, standing proudly on a city road, where modern skyscrapers meet classic architecture: it is here where the Multistrada man spend his days, commuting comfortably to work, or enjoying weekend trips, without all the claims of more demanding motorbikes, but with all Ducati performance pleasure. The atmosphere is light and reassuring, opening the doors to a whole new world.

Follow Up Campaign

After the launch of the motorbike, Ducati need was to maintain curiosity towards the motorbike, and to better present it to the public.

We developed a follow up campaign, where the Multistrada 950 takes people through Extraordinary Journeys, to places with unexpected charme, engaging itineraries, hidden treasures, to fully live the journey experience, from morning till night. We followed the motorbike in three trips: Bormio, Genova and Perugia where, through videos and social media contents, the customers were taken to hidden places and could witness all the motorbike potentials.

1st Episode: Bormio

2nd Episode – Genova

3rd Episode – Perugia

Social Storytelling

For the first time, Ducati social media contents do not only feature the product, but they tell a whole story built around the motorbike. Ducati and the Multistrada 950 become the trip “advisors”, able, through their experience, to take you around, to make you experience all the beauty of the world.

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