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Unitaid connects innovators who develop better health products with people who need them the most. Unitaid asked Blossom to develop a distinctive visual identity in order to make an impact on its audience and to be distinguished in its market.


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Color Palette

White, associated with two tones of blue, recalling the UN system Unitaid belongs to, together with a sense of strength and trust. Red, here in a darker version, is associated with HIV/AIDS and emergency in general.

Icon Set

The icons are developed in coordination with the visual identity, where a 2D approach is combined with a system of shadows, making the icons standing out and “getting to life”, thanks to a third dimension. The result is original and not common in the field where Unitaid talks.

Advocacy reports 

For reports with a more advocacy soul, we developed a clean style, to make complex concepts easily accessible, and at the same time using big illustrations, representing the core components of Unitaid’s strategy. The strong choice of not using photographs is supported by a rich illustrative style, able to convey the messages in an effective way, communicating at the same time the high professional side of the organization. The illustrations actually give the opportunity to create a very powerful storytelling.

Technical reports

Each technical report has the same style, while the covers differ according to the issue of the report. The result is a very consistent treatment.

Communication materials

Factsheets, motion graphics, web banners, I-phone cases are developed consistently, for Unitaid to communicate strong messages. The animated videos play with the illustrations, creating smooth transitions, able to convey an advocacy message without the use of pictures, but able to reach the target audience in an impactful way.


Blossom took care of the UX/UI of Unitaid website, creating a digital place where the user can easily find all the information needed and at the same time experience Unitaid’s world and identity.

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