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GPE - Global Partnership For Education

The creative concept behind this project is the idea that education is able to shape people's future: is not just a matter of going to school and getting a degree. Education contributes to the building of a person, creating better health conditions, reducing poverty and improving the social situations of communities and states.

Brand identity

Visually we wanted to show the concept of the education as an element able to build a person and shape his/her future by depicting children and students whose shapes are completed by a line, representing education as if, thanks to it, they can be more complete. This can be applied not only to students and children, but also to teachers, classrooms, communities, because a better education affects all.

Communication materials

A line takes us through all the campaign visual identity: it is found in the icon set, in infographics, in advocacy and social media materials. It is a simple yet strong graphic element, carrying a very significant meaning: that a person can change through education, that life can be better.

Advocacy and digital tools 

A second level of language was developed: for advocacy and social media materials, the language becomes even more engaging, with the introduction of graphics, animations and storytelling. We also introduced the element of the “hands”: writing, drawing, deleting, showing messages, representing the possibility for the line of the future to live and act.


The Replenishment website was developed in 6 languages. The concept of the line was present in the call to action buttons and in various transitions, to keep a consistency with the brand identity. Inside the website, the user could find various resources: from the Case fo Investment to factsheets, from infographics to social media materials. The Campaign visual identity was present throughout, making the user comfortable in the GPE world.

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