B-side is a division of Blossom, specialising in global issues.

Through the best creative and strategic thinking, we provide those fighting for a better world with unique tools and creative ideas to engage people on global issues and drive change.

At B-side...

We create campaigns that drive change for a better world.


We find, formulate and visualise the true purpose of an organisation, assisting it in its search for its unique place in the world.


We use design to make organisations and their causes stand out in a crowd.


We weaponise dignity and courage to drive concessions from those who have power for those that don’t.


We turn the dark arts of online marketing into benign tools for open persuasion and engagement.


We tell extraordinary stories about ordinary people that move and engage, channelled into campaigns that turn engagement into action.


We harness the strength of popular movements to spur change.

Our services

Communication strategy

  • Campaigns
  • Advertising & events
  • Digital and media strategy


  • Graphic design
  • Editorial design
  • Motion design

Brand Identity

  • Research and concept
  • Design and visual identity development


  • Web design and development
  • Social media editorial plans
  • Digital experience solutions


  • Supply and print
  • Video and photo production

Public relations

  • Media Outreach


B-side is a select group of professionals who have worked on both sides of the commercial and not-for profit divide. We all have extensive experience in development, advocacy and humanitarian work, but we have also know-how to use the language of marketing and commerce to get messages effectively across.

  • Giacomo Frigerio
    Founder & Director

    With 20+ years of experience in visual design services, Giacomo is Blossom’s founder and Director. Since 2008, he has been working with UN agencies, international NGOs and global profit players successfully advising and leading the creative production work.

    Through his strategic vision and creative direction, he has guided Blossom in leveraging issues-driven campaigns in people-centred, award-winning approaches.

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  • Valentina Frigerio
    Co-founder & Head of copy / Content Specialist

    With a Masters’ in International Communication and Development obtained with Distinction at London City University, she is Blossom co-owner and Head of Copy.

    Valentina brings a decade of strategic planning, project management and extensive experience in serving clients’ business needs on complex communication projects including branding, design, print, online and video components for UN agencies aimed at high-policymaker audiences. With a background in international development, she has worked in various African countries acquiring a sound knowledge and understanding of the main global issues. This allows her to bridge the gap between visuals and words, supervising correspondence and coherence between creative concepts and verbal content. She has developed multilingual payoffs, taglines and general content for a number of successful international campaigns.

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  • Jon Lidén
    Chief Strategist

    Jon Lidén has 30-year experience working in highly complex and sensitive policy environments, developing communications for global international development issues. He is an expert in branding, strategic planning and in crisis communications.

    As Head of Communications for the World Health Organization (1998 – 2003), then as Communications Director of the Global Fund (2003 – 2012), he designed the communication and advocacy component of various multi-billion dollar funding campaigns that have become the “rule-book” for advocacy-based replenishments. Through a strategic use of media outreach, social media, champions, events, advertising, marketing techniques, civil society outreach and activism, Jon built campaigns with a unique focus on each target country to maximize political support and optimize funding pledges.  Jon also has 20 years experience in crisis communications; both in designing systems to avert crises and in managing them when they still happen.

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  • Shelly Sandall
    Branding Specialist

    Shelly Sandall has over 25 years’ experience in Business strategy, planning and execution consultancy, with a focus on purpose-driven business transformation, brand audit and review. Involved in major partnership developments, such as the Expo 2015 Corporate Partnership strategy, she has developed business strategies for global players, restructured not-for-profit foundations to increase their social impact and strengthen their CSR function and advised on strategic philanthropy.

    Her expertise in defining brand values and brand purpose supports major international organizations in rethinking themselves and in setting solid foundations for the development of cutting-edge communication strategies.

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  • Giacomo Cesana
    Creative Director

    With a Masters’ degree in Communication Design, 15+ years of experience in visual design Services and various prestigious awards won, Giacomo is Blossom’s Creative Director. He leads and inspires the creative team, sets high creative standards, encourages ideas and creativity while shaping the career of the designers. His extensive experience with global players from the private sector brings a great added value to Blossom’s creative direction.

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  • Jeremy Bogen
    Social Media Specialist

    Jeremy Bogen brings 14 years of experience with shifting trends in social media to the role.

    He has helped develop UNHCR’s and the Global Fund’s highly successful social media strategies, focusing on engagement of key champions and civil society, has worked closely with leading social media firms like Blue State Digital, and now develops successful social media strategies for a broad array of clients both from the profit and not-for-profit sector.

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  • Daniela Vaccaro
    Senior Art Director

    With 10+ years’ experience in Graphic Design and Art Direction, she has developed concepts for visual identities, campaigns and for a broad variety of communication projects for both profit and not-for-profit clients. Over the years, she has gradually specialized in EU / UN agencies’ communication projects: she has acquired a great acumen in developing unique creative proposals suited to the needs of large international issue-driven agencies, while maintaining consistency with brand guidelines and with the expectations set within high-level political contexts. Daniela’s bold creativity combined with her refined taste brought her to win various awards.

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  • Annalisa Gatti
    Project Manager

    With 8 years’ experience as Account Manager for complex communication projects carried on for international leading brands and organizations, Annalisa is one of Blossom’s Senior Project Managers. With a background in press relations, PR and event management, she is a fierce task and time manager: she effectively coordinates the work of the creative team, ensures that deadlines are met, provides timely feedbacks to her clients and keeps everything running smooth, no matter what.

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