We are a Visual Design studio, where creative people enjoy working together. We provide Creative Direction, Graphic, Motion and Digital stuff. We create stories that make each client unique.


  • Giacomo Frigerio

    Creative Director

  • Valentina Frigerio


  • Edoardo Moltrasio

    Project Manager

  • Simone Pessina

    Senior Art Director

  • Daniela Vaccaro

    Art Director

  • Elena Pedretti

    Art Director

  • Daria Barlassina

    Senior Graphic Designer

  • Gabriele Gargioni

    Graphic Designer

  • Davide Viganò

    Graphic Designer

  • Lorenzo Fusi

    Graphic Designer

  • Gianluca Giordano

    Graphic Designer

  • Daniele Pauletto

    Motion Designer

  • Maddalena Beretta

    Interior Designer

  • Mauro Arena

    Digital Art Director

  • Filippo Zanardo

    Full stack Developer

  • Alberto Zanardo

    Front end Developer

  • Francesco Segagni

    Production Manager

  • Adel Zghouri


We’re always looking for talented and passionate riders to join our team.

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