P as pizza

Pizzeria P


Not a simple pizza, but the Pizza, as it should be: with real tomatoes grown in Campania fields, with a specific type of mozzarella produced in a small dairy in South Italy, and with a dough pampered for hours, to make it lighter and more tasty. Back to the tradition of real pizza, but with a contemporary look and feel, in line with the young owners. Brother and sister, sons of bakers, they wanted to open a place where people could not simply have a pizza, but where they could experience a new way of eating this old and yet cool food. Blossom developed the whole brand identity, from the logo to the menu, to the interior design of the pizzeria. Everything talk a modern and cool language, including the toilet walls, displaying pizza tattoo from around the world. In the corporate video, the owners play with the ingredients, showing their “intimate” relation with them.