Standing for women and children

Every Woman Every Child


Every Woman Every Child is a global movement launched by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Blossom produced their Progress report, illustrating the results achieved in the Global Strategy for Women and Children’s Health.

The idea behind the visual concept is to represent every woman and every child of the world. The ambitious objective is ideally reached in the cover: the profile of various women and children, of any age and race, similar but at the same time different from each others, because each woman and each child is unique and together they are part of a global community to be taken care of. This community, from a graphic point of view, creates a colorful  texture, found in all the communication materials.

Women and children shapes are used inside the report in a creative way to convey key messages and to communicate data in an entertaining way  and the texture is also used for advocacy materials and for social media.

Blossom also produced a 3-minutes animated video, highlighting the Report concepts and broadcast during the launch event in New York, at UN Headquarters.