Where the streets have your name



The new Ducati 1200 Enduro Pro is a new great motorbike, perfect for those dreaming to explore the globe on two wheels. To go where no one has yet dared to go, finding streets with no name but your. This is the creative concept behind this new Ducati product: it is so wild, so powerful and reliable that it gives to the biker the opportunity to explore the whole world. The head “Where the streets have your name” also means that thousand of hidden roads have the 1200 Enduro Pro rider’s name written on, and are just waiting for him to find them. The adv shows two 1200 Enduro Pro riders travelling on a desert landscape, tracking new roads. The product is not at the center of the adv. What is prevailing is what the client is interested in: discovering new great places, riding a great motorbike. The video show two riders leaving the main road to get off-road and enjoy all the power of the new Ducati 1200 Enduro Pro.